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Combined Theoretical and Experimental Study of Ice Behavior Under Shock and Explosive Loads

Maxim Yu. Orlov, Yulia N. Orlova, 9783030976330, 9783030976347, 978-3030976330, 978-3030976347

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English | 2022 | PDF

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The book presents theoretical and experimental studies of ice fracturing  process during impact and explosion load. It shows how to obtain ice in  natural and artificial conditions. The book summarizes the results of  full-scale experiments for 5 years on undermining ice sheets with  emulsion explosives. It presents an algorithm that simulates the process  of fracturing of thick ice subjected to blast load, showing that the  behavior of ice under impact and explosive loads can be described by a  model of continuum mechanics. Qualitative and quantitative assessments  of the ballistic perfomance of an ice cube after deep penetration  low-velocity projectiles are reported in this book. Some pilot problems  are formulated for a deeper understanding of the mechanics of ice  fracturing during impact and explosion.