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Computational Aerodynamics

Antony Jameson, 1108837883, 9781108837880, 978-1108837880

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Computational aerodynamics is a relatively new field in engineering that  investigates aircraft flow fields via the simulation of fluid motion  and sophisticated numerical algorithms. This book provides an excellent  reference to the subject for a wide audience, from graduate students to  experienced researchers and professionals in the aerospace engineering  field. Opening with the essential elements of computational  aerodynamics, the relevant mathematical methods of fluid flow and  numerical methods for partial differential equations are presented.  Stability theory and shock capturing schemes, and vicious flow and time  integration methods are then comprehensively outlined. The final  chapters treat more advanced material, including energy stability for  nonlinear problems, and higher order methods for unstructured and  structured meshes. Presenting over 150 illustrations, including  representative calculations on unstructured meshes in color. This book  is a rich source of information that will be of interest and importance  in this pioneering field.