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Concise Handbook of Waste Treatment Technologies

Saleh S. Al Arni, Mahmoud M. Elwaheidi, 9780367631307, 9780367631291, 9781003136644, 978-0367631307, 978-0367631291, 978-1003136644

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English | 2022 | PDF

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With specialized and succinct coverage, Concise Handbook of Waste  Treatment Technologies provides readers with an integrated overview of  various waste treatment technologies and related issues. Rather than  dealing separately with each type of waste material, the book summarizes  important waste treatments from a holistic perspective.

Presents a comprehensive review of the most used terminologies and methods in waste management
Explains  how waste materials are treated and managed in a manner compatible with  engineering, health, safety, and environmental regulations and laws
Includes discussion of basic solid, liquid, and gaseous wastes
Accessible to both specialists and non-specialists
This  guidebook is written for early career professionals, non-specialists,  and specialists in environmental and chemical engineering and related  disciplines seeking to understand proper waste and management and  disposal techniques.