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Contemporary Approaches to the Study of Pain: From Molecules to Neural Networks

Rebecca P. Seal, 107162038X, 9781071620380, 978-1071620380

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This volume contains experimental approaches that are currently  revolutionizing our understanding of the neurobiology of pain. The  chapters cover many cutting-edge methods including the identification of  gene expression profiles, transcriptomes or translatomes, from  individual cells or defined groups of cells in rodents and primates;   the electrophysiological investigation of human tissues, such as human  dorsal root ganglion neurons; ways to assess modality response profiles  of neurons using calcium imaging in vitro and in vivo; and somatosensory  behaviors in rodents using high-speed videography and machine learning.   In the Neuromethods series style, the chapters include detailed advice  from specialists to obtain successful results in your laboratory.

Cutting-edge  and comprehensive, Contemporary Approaches to the Study of Pain: From  Molecules to Neural Networks is a valuable resource for scientists and  researchers interested in making impactful contributions to our  understanding of pain.