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Convergence: Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing: Social, Economic, and Policy Impacts

Greg Viggiano, 1394174101, 9781394174102, 978-1394174102

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Prepare for the coming convergence of AI and quantum computing

A  collection of essays from 20 renowned, international authors working in  industry, academia, and government, Convergence: Artificial Intelligence  and Quantum Computing explains the impending convergence of artificial  intelligence and quantum computing. A diversity of viewpoints is  presented, each offering their view of this coming watershed event.

In  the book, you’ll discover that we’re on the cusp of seeing the stuff of  science fiction become reality, with huge implications for ripping up  the existing social fabric, global economy, and current geopolitical  order. Along with an incisive foreword by Hugo- and Nebula-award winning  author David Brin, you’ll also find:
Explorations of the increasing  pace of technological developmentExplanations of why seemingly unusual  and surprising breakthroughs might be just around the cornerMaps to  navigate the potential minefields that await us as AI and quantum  computing come together
A fascinating and thought-provoking  compilation of insights from some of the leading technological voices in  the world, Convergence convincingly argues that we should prepare for a  world in which very little will remain the same and shows us how to get  ready.