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Critical Care Nursing: Diagnosis and Management

9th Edition, Linda D. Urden, Kathleen M. Stacy, Mary E. Lough, 0323642950, 0323751474, 978-0323642958, 9780323642958, 978-0323751476, 9780323751476, 978-0323694001, 9780323694001, B08Y4FB5YD

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English | 2022 | PDF | 60 MB | 1139 Pages

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Prepare for success in today's high  acuity, progressive, and critical care settings! Critical Care Nursing:  Diagnosis and Management, 9th Edition  helps you understand and apply critical care nursing principles and  concepts to clinical assessment, diagnostic procedures, and therapeutic  management. Known for its comprehensive coverage, this leading textbook  uses a logical, body systems organization to address the care of  patients with physiological alterations. New to this edition are  illustrated Patient-Centered Critical Care features aimed at "humanizing  the ICU" as well as Next Generation NCLEX® Exam-style case studies to help you further develop your clinical  judgment skills and prepare for the latest nursing licensure exam. Also  ideal for CCRN® and PCCN® exam preparation, this book is a one-stop resource on the concepts and skills required for critical care nursing!

  • NEW!  Updated content throughout reflects the latest changes in concepts,  techniques, and technology of high acuity, progressive, and critical  care nursing.NEW! New Facilitating Care Transitions chapter  explains how critical care nurses can ensure patient safety and provide  family education through all phases and locations of care, during  transitions to other units and departments within the facility, and  during patient discharge to various sites (e.g., home, hospice,  long-term care).
  • NEW! Illustrated Patient-Centered Critical Care boxes  highlight a new emphasis on changing the culture of critical care by  greater inclusion of the patient and family, with evidence-based  discussions of topics such as family meetings, debriefing after a code,  patient diaries, creating a calm environment, pet visitation, music  therapy, the transition of care, and 24/7 ICU visitation.
  • NEW! 10 Next Generation NCLEX® Exam-style case studies are provided on the Evolve website to help prepare you for the changes in the nursing licens
  • ure exam.
  • NEW! Diagnosis and Patient Care Management boxes  reflect a new focus on the International Classification of Nursing  Practice (ICNP), providing a common language for patient problems using  the evidence-based ICNP taxonomy.
  • NEW! Expanded coverage of key trends  includes the use of personal protective equipment in light of the  global COVID-19 pandemic, the opioid epidemic, special considerations  for bariatric patients, oncology, and acute chest syndrome.
  • NEW!  Additional coverage of the technology required to monitor the patient  and other interprofessional team members assists in the management of  the patient and the integration of other QSEN competencies.
  • NEW!  Psychosocial and Spiritual Considerations chapter emphasizes the  psychosocial and spiritual wellbeing of critical care clients.
  • NEW!  Expanded coverage of self-care for healthcare professionals equips new  critical care nurses to take the time to care for themselves as well as  for their patients.
  • NEW! Updated illustrations improve understanding.
  • NEW! Key Points replace Chapter Summary features for quick reference and study.
    • NEW!  Inclusion of Canadian/SI units promotes an international understanding  of common laboratory values, with a new Common Laboratory Values  appendix.
    • NEW! CCN learning features include  three new Concept Maps on protein-calorie malnutrition, burns, and  pulmonary embolism; two new Case Studies on burns and facilitating care  transition; and two new Patient Care Management Plans on stress overload  and impaired spiritual status.