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Cultivating Cloud Outcomes: Driving Better Business Outcomes with IT Architecture and Culture

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English | 2022 | EPUB, MOBI, Converted PDF | 10 MB

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The cloud promises cost savings, agility, and more. But the  increasing complexity of modern IT systems often prevents businesses  from realizing the outcomes they sought by moving to the cloud in the  first place. At the core of this complexity is technical debt. Ad hoc  decisions, traditional approaches, and "quick and dirty" solutions add  up to fragile, more complex systems (and organizations)--reducing the  pace of change, driving up costs, and degrading security. To succeed in  the cloud, you first have to manage the problems IT complexity creates.  This practical guide will help. 

 If you're tasked  with designing, delivering, or approving IT systems that support  business growth, this book will teach you the principles and strategies  you need to break out of silos, reassess traditional thinking, provide  the business a better competitive position, and achieve cloud success  across the company. 

You'll learn: 

  • How to assess your current IT environment to identify complexity-centered risks 
  • How to structure cross-functional teams to reduce friction points 
  • How to create a framework for IT investments that is aligned with your business goals 
  • How to measure your outcomes for continued success 


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