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Cybersecurity Leadership Demystified: A comprehensive guide to becoming a world-class modern cybersecurity leader and global CISO

Erdal Ozkaya, 1801819289, 9781801819282, 978-1801819282

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English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Gain useful insights into cybersecurity leadership in a modern-day organization with the help of use cases
Key  FeaturesDiscover tips and expert advice from the leading CISO and  author of many cybersecurity booksBecome well-versed with a CISO's  day-to-day responsibilities and learn how to perform them with  easeUnderstand real-world challenges faced by a CISO and find out the  best way to solve themBook Description
The chief information security  officer (CISO) is responsible for an organization's information and  data security. The CISO's role is challenging as it demands a solid  technical foundation as well as effective communication skills. This  book is for busy cybersecurity leaders and executives looking to gain  deep insights into the domains important for becoming a competent  cybersecurity leader.

The book begins by introducing you to the  CISO's role, where you'll learn key definitions, explore the  responsibilities involved, and understand how you can become an  efficient CISO. You'll then be taken through end-to-end security  operations and compliance standards to help you get to grips with the  security landscape. In order to be a good leader, you'll need a good  team. This book guides you in building your dream team by familiarizing  you with HR management, documentation, and stakeholder onboarding.  Despite taking all the care, you might still fall prey to cyber attacks;  this book will show you how to quickly respond to an incident to help  your organization minimize losses, decrease vulnerabilities, and rebuild  services and processes. Finally, you'll explore other key CISO skills  that'll help you communicate at both senior and operational levels.

By the end of this book, you'll have gained a complete understanding of the CISO's role and be ready to advance your career.
What  you will learnUnderstand the key requirements to become a successful  CISOExplore the cybersecurity landscape and get to grips with end-to-end  security operationsAssimilate compliance standards, governance, and  security frameworksFind out how to hire the right talent and manage  hiring procedures and budgetDocument the approaches and processes for  HR, compliance, and related domainsFamiliarize yourself with incident  response, disaster recovery, and business continuityGet the hang of  tasks and skills other than hardcore security operationsWho This Book Is  For
This book is for aspiring as well as existing CISOs. This book  will also help cybersecurity leaders and security professionals  understand leadership in this domain and motivate them to become  leaders. A clear understanding of cybersecurity posture and a few years  of experience as a cybersecurity professional will help you to get the  most out of this book.