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De Novo Peptide Design: Principles and Applications

Vibin Ramakrishnan, Kirti Patel, Ruchika Goyal, 0323999174, 9780323999175, 978-0323999175

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English | 2022 | PDF

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De novo Peptide Design: Principles and Applications presents the latest  developments in the fields of therapeutic peptides and  bio-nanotechnology. The title focuses on the design of peptides,  particularly how peptides may be tailored to specific functions. It  includes computational and experimental protocols to assist in the  design of peptides. Sections cover the basics of protein and peptide  structure, modeling and simulation, solid phase peptide synthesis,  peptide-based antibiotics, drug delivery, peptide nanomaterials,  aromatic interactions directing nano-assembly, protein/peptide  aggregation, therapeutic interventions against protein/peptide  aggregation diseases, peptide based hydrogels, computational tools and  algorithms for peptide design, and experimental protocols in peptide  chemistry.

In addition, the book covers key aspects in peptide  design, providing a solution for researchers working within the  'peptidic universe' to create new therapeutic agents.