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Delivering Compassionate Care: A Mindfulness Curriculum for Interdisciplinary Healthcare Professionals

Sarah Ellen Braun, Patricia Anne Kinser, 303091061X, 978-3030910617, 9783030910617, B0B1GZK6H1, 978-3-030-91061-7, 978-3-030-91062-4

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This textbook is an evidenced-based course for interdisciplinary healthcare professionals for improving resilience and reducing stress and burnout. This curriculum improves patient-centered care by providing training in compassion and attention. It is a structured skills-based manual complete with resources for full implementation and dissemination of this evidence-based course.  This textbook addresses the gaps existing in other mindfulness-based interventions.

It is a unique manual that can be followed in a linear fashion or can be used modularly to suit the needs of specific settings. The curriculum contains didactic content and specific examples of practices; hence, it is easily adaptable for use by groups and classes of various sizes and structure. The authors have conducted several research studies with findings to support its use to prevent and treat burnout. Results demonstrate the curriculum’s feasibility and acceptability in healthcare professionals and students as well as efficacy in stress and burnout reduction with increases in dispositional mindfulness.