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Demystifying Interventional Radiology: A Guide for Medical Students

Sriharsha Athreya, Mahmood Albahhar, 3031120221, 9783031120220, 978-3031120220

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book is a concise introduction to the field of interventional  radiology (IR), designed to help medical students and residents  understand the fundamental concepts related to image-guided  interventional procedures and determine the appropriate use of imaging  modalities in the treatment of various disorders. It covers the history  of interventional radiology; radiation safety; equipment; medications;  and techniques such as biopsy and drainage, vascular access,  embolization, and tumor ablation. The book also describes the  indications, patient preparation, post-procedure care, and complications  for the most common interventional radiology procedures. This second  edition is fully updated throughout with the latest guidelines and  recommendations. Specific updates include: the role of IR outpatient  clinics and patient-centered care, prostatic artery embolization, Y90  embolization, embolization for joint disease, the role artificial  intelligence plays in IR, and a new chapter on structured reporting in  IR. Designed for students and trainees, chapters include key points or  “tips and tricks” and review questions. This is an ideal guide for  medical students and trainees interested in pursuing interventional  radiology.