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Designing Web APIs with Strapi: Get started with the Strapi headless CMS by building a complete learning management system API

Khalid Elshafie, Mozafar Haider, 180056063X, 9781800560635, 978-1800560635

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English | 2022 | PDF | 22 MB | 310 Pages

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Get started with the Strapi headless CMS by building a complete learning management system API Leverage the power of Strapi to build self-hosted, customizable, and performant content APIs

Key Features
Discover how Strapi can help you build APIs quickly and focus on your products and features
Learn how to put Strapi into practice by implementing it in real-world scenarios
Understand how to use Strapi's powerful features to customize your APIs
Book Description
Strapi  is a Node.js-based, flexible, open-source headless CMS with an  integrated admin panel that anyone can use and helps save API  development time. APIs built with Strapi can be consumed using REST or  GraphQL from any client. With this book, you'll take a hands-on approach  to exploring the capabilities of the Strapi platform and creating a  custom API from scratch

This book will help JavaScript  developers to put their knowledge to work by guiding them through  building powerful backend APIs. You'll see how to effortlessly create  content structures that can be customized according to your needs, and  gain insights into how to write, edit, and manage your content  seamlessly with Strapi. As you progress through the chapters, you'll  discover a wide range of Strapi features, as well as understand how to  add complex features to the API such as user authentication, data  sorting, and pagination. You'll not only learn how to find and use  existing plugins from the open-source community but also build your own  plugins with custom functionality with the Strapi plugin API and add  them to the admin panel. Finally, you'll learn how to deploy the API to  Heroku and AWS

By the end of this book, you'll be able to build powerful, scalable, and secure APIs using Strapi

What you will learn
Explore Strapi and understand how it works
Define content types to build APIs quickly and efficiently
Understand authentication and authorization in Strapi
Create production-ready APIs with Strapi
Deploy the Strapi API to various environments, including Heroku and AWS
Use best practices to run the Strapi API in production
Sync permissions to access the API between multiple environments
Write basic tests for API utilities as well as the endpoint

Who this book is for
This book is for backend and frontend  JavaScript developers. Experienced API developers will learn a new,  fast, and flexible way of building APIs, while frontend developers will  be able to take a step toward becoming full-stack developers by learning  how to leverage Strapi for building APIs quickly. Basic knowledge of  JavaScript and REST API concepts is assumed

Table of Contents
An Introduction to Strapi
Building Our First API
Strapi Content-Types
An Overview of the Strapi Admin Panel
Customizing Our API
Dealing with Content
Authentication and Authorization in Strapi
Using and Building Plugins
Production-Ready Applications
Deploying Strapi
Testing the Strapi API
Appendix: Connecting a React App to Strapi