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Disaster Medicine Pocket Guide

50 Essential Questions: Work of the French Society of Disaster Medicine, Henri F. Julien, 3031006534, 9783031006531, 978-3031006531

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English | 2022 | PDF

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A very handy practical book written by French doctors specialised in  disaster medicine, this guide offers their core experience condensed in  50 small, easily digestible chapters. Each chapter is designed to enable  the reader to “know”, “understand”, and learn what to “do” in the  concerned situation, ensuring the crucial information is easily on hand  and available.

Facing disasters, whether natural or man-made,  technological or social, what are the risks and the consequences of such  hazards on victims? What kind of care to provide? How to get organised,  to have the appropriate resources, and to protect oneself as a  responder?  The French emergency and healthcare preparedness has  followed a unique path. The responding medical doctors have followed in  the footsteps of Dominique Larrey, a military surgeon and the father of  emergency medicine. For him, the on-scene presence of doctors is  paramount to organise the entire healthcare and emergency response, an  innovative method that has proven its efficacy.   This book is intended  for all healthcare and emergency staff, doctors, paramedics or first  aiders in ambulances or in emergency services who might come to deal  with a massive influx of injured, poisoned, or traumatised victims. The  management of multiple concomitant emergencies requires specific  know-how and skills.
May this guide contribute to the dissemination of a validated French know-how and thus to save lives and alleviate suffering.