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Discovery Through Activity: Ideas and Resources for Applying Recovery Through Activity in Practice

Sue Parkinson, 1032127554, 1032127570, 978-1032127552, 978-1032127576, 9781032127552, 9781032127576, B09PPRXW3T

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English | 2022 | PDF | 13 MB | 267 Pages

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Discovery Through Activity provides a compendium of ideas, resources and  practice evaluations that will inspire practitioners to be even more  imaginative, and to customise their own Recovery Through Activity  programmes to meet the specific needs of participants.

The  original Recovery Through Activity handbook offers a flexible programme  that is widely used in adult mental health settings. This accompanying  and complementary resource shows how the intervention has been extended,  adapted, and applied service-wide. The resource showcases the work of a  growing community of practitioners who have successfully facilitated  Recovery Through Activity programmes to provide a forum for people to  reflect on their occupational lives and discuss and practise lifestyle  choices to improve their health and wellbeing.

It includes:

An extended range of flexible ideas and resources to meet the needs of participants in Recovery through Activity sessions
Examples of how to apply Recovery Through Activity in one-to-one sessions and virtual groups
Encouragement to adopt Recovery Through Activity across your services with confidence
With  contributions illustrating the effective application of Recovery  Through Activity in a range of settings and situations, this is a  valuable resource for occupational therapists and other practitioners in  mental health settings