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Do Hard Things: Why We Get Resilience Wrong and the Surprising Science of Real Toughness

Steve Magness, 006309861X, 9780063098619, 978-0063098619

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English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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"In Do Hard Things, Steve Magness beautifully and persuasively  reimagines our understanding of toughness. This is a must-read for  parents and coaches and anyone else looking to prepare for life's  biggest challenges." -- Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers and Talking  to Strangers and host of the Revisionist History podcast

From  beloved performance expert, executive coach, and coauthor of Peak  Performance Steve Magness comes a radical rethinking of how we perceive  toughness and what it means to achieve our high ambitions in the face of  hard things.

Toughness has long been held as the key to  overcoming a challenge and achieving greatness, whether it is on the  sports field, at a boardroom, or at the dining room table. Yet, the  prevailing model has promoted a mentality based on fear, false bravado,  and hiding any sign of weakness. In other words, the old model of  toughness has failed us.

Steve Magness, a performance scientist  who coaches Olympic athletes, rebuilds our broken model of resilience  with one grounded in the latest science and psychology. In Do Hard  Things, Magness teaches us how we can work with our body – how  experiencing discomfort, leaning in, paying attention, and creating  space to take thoughtful action can be the true indications of  cultivating inner strength. He offers four core pillars to cultivate  such resilience:
Pillar 1- Ditch the Façade, Embrace RealityPillar  2- Listen to Your BodyPillar 3- Respond, Instead of React Pillar 4-  Transcend Discomfort  
Smart and wise all at once, Magness flips the  script on what it means to be resilient. Drawing from mindfulness,  military case studies, sports psychology, neuroscience, psychology, and  philosophy, he provides a roadmap for navigating life’s challenges and  achieving high performance that makes us happier, more successful, and,  ultimately, better people.