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Electrophysiological Analysis of Synaptic Transmission

Nicholas Graziane, Yan Dong, 1071625888, 9781071625880, 978-1071625880

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This second edition volume expands on the previous edition with  discussions on the latest techniques used to study synaptic  transmissions.  The chapters in this book are organized into six parts.  Part One looks at the basic concepts, such as extracellular and  intracellular recordings, and spatiotemporal effects of synaptic  currents. Part Two describes the recording of synaptic currents, such as  measuring kinetics of synaptic current and measuring reversal  potentials. Part Three discusses basic experimentations of synaptic  transmission and covers run-up and run-down, and amplitude. Parts Four  and Five cover experimentations with computational components and  molecular and visual components, such as measurement of a single synapse  and electrophysiological and visual tags. Part Six explores in vivo  recordings and talks about general considerations for in vivo  exploration of synaptic plasticity. In the Neuromethods series style,  chapters include the kind of detail and key advice from the specialists  needed to get successful results in your laboratory.

Authoritative  and thorough, Electrophysiological Analysis of Synaptic Transmission,  Second Edition is a valuable resource that introduces graduate students  and postdoctoral fellows to important topics in this field and also  expands these topics to practical electrophysiological approaches.