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Elements of Advanced Manufacturing Theory

Bruno G. Rüttimann, Martin T. Stöckli, 3031020464, 9783031020469, 978-3031020469

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book is the continuation of the textbook Lean Compendium –  Introduction to Modern Manufacturing Theory. It extends the theory of  mathematical modeling to batch & queue-based cyber-physical  production systems. To facilitate learning, the book continues to  develop a Cartesian-derived understanding of the system’s behavior by  applying manufacturing-specific theorems, corollaries and lemmas. A  law-based description enables to model production mathematically and  understand upfront their dynamics in terms of WIP generation,  lead-times, exit-rates, and on-time delivery performance. While  simulation alone only allows to explore the optimum solution, the  development of a theory allows to gain knowledge. This improves the  learning of the “physics” of manufacturing systems and contributes to a  solid production’s understanding and a clear and cognitive problem  determination that leads to a thorough mental capture for mastering a  systematic design of such highly complex systems.