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Embrace Your Empathy: Make Sensitivity Your Strength, Kristy Robinett, Become an Empowered Empath, 0738759554, 978-0738759555, 978-0738759616, 9780738759555, 9780738759616, B0965K3Z28

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Become an Empowered Empath.  When you feel alone in a crowded world and the weight of negativity is overwhelming, this book lifts you up and shares the secrets to both surviving and thriving as an empath. Down to earth and easy to use, Embrace Your Empathy reveals the many gifts of being empathic and how using them can heal both yourself and those around you.  Kristy Robinett assures that nothing is wrong with you if you're struggling to embrace your own empathy. You're not too sensitive or weak, you just need the right tools to manage your abilities. She introduces you to various types of empaths―physical, emotional, intuitive, and earth―and helps you determine which type you might be. There are also chapters on raising a child empath and how being an empath affects relationships. Exercises and meditations are provided as well as inspiring client stories and recommended crystals and essential oils. This book nourishes your soul and transforms you into an empathic warrior