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Emerging Techniques for Treatment of Toxic Metals from Wastewater

Akil Ahmad, Rajeev Kumar, Mohammad Jawaid, 9780128228807, 978-0128228807, 0128228806, B0BC8DP4P5

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Emerging Techniques for Treatment of Toxic Metals from Wastewater explores the different physical and chemical methods that can be used  to remove toxins from wastewater, including adsorption, solvent  extraction, ion exchange, precipitation, filtration and photocatalytic  degradation. Bringing together contributions from leading experts in the  field, the book covers each of the different techniques in detail,  combining emergent research outcomes with fundamental theoretical  concepts to provide a clear appraisal of the different techniques  available, along with their applications. It is an essential recourse  for researchers, industrialists and students concerned with the  remediation of toxic metals from water and wastewater.

  • Covers the various techniques for metal removal and their applications in a single source
  • Addresses emerging technologies; chemical, physical, and biological including nanotechnology
  • Brings  together novel techniques and their applications for enhancing large  scale industrial production signposting opportunities for significant  enhancements