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Fog, Edge and Pervasive Computing in Intelligent IoT Driven Applications

Deepak Gupta, Aditya Khamparia | 1119670071, 978-1119670070, 9781119670070, B08Q7762T1

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PDF 2021

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A practical guide to the design, implementation, evaluation, and deployment of emerging technologies for intelligent IoT applications

With the rapid development in artificially intelligent and hybrid technologies, IoT, edge, fog-driven, and pervasive computing techniques are becoming important parts of our daily lives. This book focuses on recent advances, roles, and benefits of these technologies, describing the latest intelligent systems from a practical point of view. Fog, Edge, and Pervasive Computing in Intelligent IoT Driven Applications is also valuable for engineers and professionals trying to solve practical, economic, or technical problems. With a uniquely practical approach spanning multiple fields of interest, contributors cover theory, applications, and design methodologies for intelligent systems. These technologies are rapidly transforming engineering, industry, and agriculture by enabling real-time processing of data via computational, resource-oriented metaheuristics and machine learning algorithms. As edge/fog computing and associated technologies are implemented far and wide, we are now able to solve previously intractable problems. With chapters contributed by experts in the field, this book:

•Describes Machine Learning frameworks and algorithms for edge, fog, and pervasive computing

•Considers probabilistic storage systems and proven optimization techniques for intelligent IoT

•Covers 5G edge network slicing and virtual network systems that utilize new networking capacity

•Explores resource provisioning and bandwidth allocation for edge, fog, and pervasive mobile applications

•Presents emerging applications of intelligent IoT, including smart farming, factory automation, marketing automation, medical diagnosis, and more

Researchers, graduate students, and practitioners working in the intelligent systems domain will appreciate this book’s practical orientation and comprehensive coverage. Intelligent IoT is revolutionizing every industry and field today, and Fog, Edge, and Pervasive Computing in Intelligent IoT Driven Applications provides the background, orientation, and inspiration needed to begin.