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Emotional Engineering, Vol. 9: Move Ahead Toward Self-Satisfying Society (SSS)

Shuichi Fukuda, 3031058666, 9783031058660, 978-3031058660, B0B6SC4NYH

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English | 2023 | PDF | 6 MB | 190 Pages

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This is the latest volume in the series of Springer titles on emotional engineering tracking the development of this field.

Engineering  has been based on the Euclidean space approach and it was numerical  data-centric. In short, our engineering up to now has been  control-based, i.e., on tactics and problem solving. When we realize AI  consumes 10,000 times more energy than human brain, we understand how it  is better to use 10,000 people’s minds. But current society is  industrial society. The industrial revolution introduced division of  labour and we started to work for others. But the tremendous consumption  of energy indicates that we need to move toward another society. If we  can make the next society a self-Satisfying society (SSS) and create a  new sustainable society with greater mental wellbeing then many emerging  problems will be solved and we can enjoy our lives better. Emotional  engineering engages with this challenge.