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Endophytic Association: What, Why and How

Maulin P. Shah, Deepanwita Deka, 0323912451, 9780323912457, 978-0323912457, 978-0-323-91245-7, B0BL6S3PPV

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Endophytic Association: What, Why, and How focuses on the endophytic  association of plants, how they have originated inside the host, their  importance, and how they are beneficial for the environment, as well as  humans. The book discusses how using endophytic microbes in agricultural  fields can be enriched without impacting environment negatively, and  how they can be utilized for pharmaceutical purposes, including  bioremediation. It includes advanced and up-to-date information, as well  as future directions for young researchers and scientists who are  working in the field of agriculture, pharmaceuticals, bio nanotechnology  and bioremediation of environmental contaminants for environmental  protection and sustainable development.