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Engineering Capstone Design

9780367621599, 9780367621612, 9781003108214

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Structured with a practical approach, Engineering Capstone Design guides  engineering students to successfully manage capstone design projects.  The book addresses the challenge of open-ended design projects, often in  a team-based format, discussing team member roles, communication, and  cooperation. It incorporates accreditation requirements and provides a  modern framework for working with industry, reinforced by the inclusion  of case studies.

Offers a structured process for capstone design, responsive to ABET accreditation requirements
Explains how to manage design projects under critical timelines and budgets
Covers  essential topics and steps in a capstone design sequence, including  defining, conceiving, presenting, prototyping, building, testing, and  redesigning
Considers industry perspectives, as well as design competitions
Includes case studies for a look into industry experience
In  addition to guiding engineering students conducting capstone design  projects, this book will also interest industry professionals who are  engaged in product development or design problem-solving.