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Enterprise Agility: A Practical Guide to Agile Business Management

Gizem Kedici Ozbayrac, 1032214368, 9781032214368, 978-1032214368

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Despite the astonishing technological developments in our times, it is surprising how little has changed in the way organizations are structured and managed. However, organizations are finally changing as they embark on agile transformations.  Agility concepts emerged from the dynamics of project management and have evolved as they are being applied to organizational structure and operations. This phase of the agile evolution is known asenterprise agility.  Filled with real-world scenarios and company case studies,Enterprise Agility: A Practical Guide to Agile Business Management covers the evolution of agility, including applied processes, lessons learned and realized outcomes. The book starts with the initial phase of the agile evolution, project agility and describes how waterfall project management is transformed into scrum, which can have positive effects on project timelines, scope and budget, as well as team motivation. The second phase of agility, organizational agility, is the evolution of the agile principles from temporary projects to permanent organizational structures. The book explains the main components of organizational agility, including structures, roles and ways of organizing work. It emphasizes the advantages of transitioning from traditional organizational management to agile. Finally, the latest phase, enterprise agility, applies to every functional operation of corporations. This phase is still developing, and the book focuses on the fundamentals of enterprise agility and transitioning to a fully agile organization. The last chapter illustrates the enablers of this transformation and how they can help the change to be internalized so that the enterprises realize improvements.  The book is based on the author’s 10 years of experience of supporting more than 25 companies in varied sectors on their transformational journey. By combining traditional project management techniques and principles of agile business development, it shows managers how to lead the transformation to enterprise agility by following the path from project agility to full enterprise agility.