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Entrepreneurial Innovations, Models, and Implementation Strategies for Industry 4.0

Information Technology, Management and Operations Research Practices, Ravindra Sharma, Geeta Rana, Shivani Agarwal, B0B9GQPQ9F, 1032107936, 9781032107936, 9781000640755, 9781000640762, 978-1032107936, 978-1000640755, 978-1000640762

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This  book explores the link between entrepreneurship and innovation,  providing an understanding of the latest developments in the field. It  explores numerous challenges to entrepreneurship, such as failures and  socio-economic issues, and presents concepts, models, and implementation  strategies for Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 presents  unique challenges and unique opportunities to entrepreneurs. Social,  techno, and women’s entrepreneurship, among other business sectors and  domains, are discussed in this new context. This book highlights the  strategies of successful start-up organizations, focusing on the most  critical factors for starting a new enterprise in today’s business  environment, and provides efficient remedies for common problems. These  strategies and solutions will help build a sustainable development model  for developing economies and contribute to a global awareness of the  entrepreneurship environment.

Entrepreneurial  Innovations, Models, and Implementation Strategies for Industry 4.0 is  both a practical guide for new entrepreneurs to establishing start-ups  and an enlightening collection of research for graduate students,  postgraduate students, scholars, and academicians across all  disciplines. Policymakers will also benefit from this book’s  understanding of entrepreneurial ecosystems and their applications.