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Enzymes in the Valorization of Waste: Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Waste for Development of Value-added Products

Pradeep Verma, 1032035099, 9781032035093, 978-1032035093

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Enzymes play a vital role in the enzymatic hydrolysis of waste for its  conversion to useful value-added products. Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Waste  for Development of Value-added Products focusses on the role of key  enzymes such as cellulase, hemicellulases, amylases, and auxiliary  enzymes (LMPOs), used in the hydrolysis step of the biorefinery setup.  Further, it discusses the role of enzymes in the generation of reducing  sugars and value-added compounds, with major emphasis on recent advances  in the field. The mechanism, importance, type, evolution, and role of  enzymes in hydrolysis constitute the crux of this volume, which is  illustrated with examples and pertinent case studies.

• Explores the role of hydrolyzing enzymes in the breakdown and transformation of biomass hydrolysis.
• Discusses the potential of auxiliary enzymes (LPMOs) for enhancing hydrolysis potential.
•  Covers recent developments in the field of enzymatic-assisted  hydrolysis of waste for conversion of waste to value-added products.
• Deliberates all possible products that can be generated from enzymatic hydrolysis of waste and their potential utilization.
•  Elucidates the limitations and advantages of enzyme-based hydrolysis  and possible strategies for moving from the laboratory to large scale  industries.

This book is aimed at graduate students, researchers  and related industry professionals in biochemical engineering,  environmental science, wastewater treatment, biotechnology, applied  microbiology, biomass-based biorefinery, biochemistry, green chemistry,  sustainable development, waste treatment, enzymology, microbial  biotechnology, and waste valorization.