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Enzymes in the Valorization of Waste: Next-Gen Technological Advances for Sustainable Development of Enzyme based Biorefinery

Pradeep Verma, 103203517X, 9781032035178, 978-1032035178

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Enzymes in the Valorization of Waste: Next-Gen Technological Advances  for Sustainable Development of Enzyme-based Biorefinery focusses on key  enzymeswhich are involved in the development of integrated biorefinery.  It highlights themodern next-gentechnologies for promoting the  application of sustainable andgreener enzymatic steps at industrial  scale for the development of futuristic and  self-sustainable"consolidated/integrated  biorefinery/enzyme-basedbiorefinery." It alsodeals with technological  advancement for improvement of enzyme yield or specificity,conversion  capability, such as protein and metabolic engineering and advances  innext generation technologies, and so forth.

•  Explores all modern-day technologies that can potentially be used in  enzyme-based biorefinery conversion of wastes to value-added products.
• Covers technological, economic, and environmental assessments of enzyme-based biorefinery prospects.
• Deliberates all possible products that can be generated from wastes including biofuel and essential chemicals.
• Illustrates techniques for enhanced yield and properties to be used in various industrial applications.
• Reviews advanced information of relevant sources and mechanism of enzymes.

This  book is aimed at graduate students, researchers and related industry  professionals in biochemical engineering, environmental science,  wastewater treatment, biotechnology, applied microbiology, biomass-based  biorefinery, biochemistry, green chemistry, sustainable development,  waste treatment, enzymology, microbial biotechnology, and waste  valorization.