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Enzymology of Complex Alpha-Glucans

Felix Nitschke, 2020053240, 9781138505209, 9780367763053, 9781315146447, 978-1138505209, 978-0367763053, 978-1315146447

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English | 2021 | PDF

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Glycogen and Starch: So Similar, yet so Different. Both carbohydrates  are central to the primary metabolism of a large part of the living  kingdom. Generally, animals, fungi, and bacteria store glycogen, while  plants largely rely on starch. This book provides a broad and current  view on both glycogen and starch, in lower and higher organisms. Beside  biochemistry, physiology and regulation of glycogen and starch  metabolism, the reader can expect an insight into glycogen storage  diseases, select methods and relevant techniques. While significant  progress has been made in both fields, this volume emphasizes an  opportunity of collaboration for researchers working on a major  intersection of the living world