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Essentials of Microbiology, Surinder Kumar, 9351523802, 978-9351523802, 9789351523802, B01K0RW28U

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سال انتشار: 2016
زبان کتاب: انگلیسی
فرمت فایل: PDF
زمان تحویل: کمتر از ۱۲ ساعت

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Essentials of Microbiology is an extensive guide to all aspects of  microbiology covering immunology, bacteriology, virology, medical  mycology, diagnostic medical microbiology, and many miscellaneous  infections. The book is divided into 89 chapters across seven sections.  Each chapter begins with an outline and concludes with key points,  multiple choice, short and long questions. Two bacteriology sections are  included, the first covering the basics of general bacteriology, and  the second covering systemic bacteriology, with discussion on the  classification, antigen structure, toxins and enzymes, and laboratory  diagnosis of various kinds of bacteria. The virology section covers  virus structure, classification and evolution, their interaction with  host organism physiology and immunity, the diseases they cause, and  their use in research and therapy. The mycology section covers fungal  infections, and amongst miscellaneous infections covered are microbes of  the human body, hospital-acquired infections and hospital waste  management. Essentials of Microbiology is enhanced by over 200 images  and illustrations and 181 tables. The final chapter on practical  microbiology for MBBS students makes this book ideal for medical  undergraduates. Key Points Comprehensive guide to microbiology Covers  immunology, bacteriology, virology, medical mycology, diagnostic medical  microbiology, and many miscellaneous infections 208 images and  illustrations, 181 tables