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Essentials of Supersonic Commercial Aircraft Conceptual Design

Egbert Torenbeek, 1119667003, 9781119667001, 978-1119667001

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English | 2020 | PDF

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Provides comprehensive coverage of how supersonic commercial aircraft are designed

This  must-have guide to conceptual supersonic aircraft design provides a  state-of-the art overview of the subject, along with expert analysis and  discussion. It examines the challenges of high-speed flight, covers  aerodynamic phenomena in supersonic flow and aerodynamic drag in  cruising flight, and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of  oblique wing aircraft.

Essentials of Supersonic Commercial  Aircraft Conceptual Design is intended for members of a team producing  an initial design concept of an airliner with the capability of making  supersonic cruising flights. It begins with a synopsis of the history of  supersonic transport aircraft development and continues with a chapter  on the challenges of high-speed flight, which discusses everything from  top level requirements and cruise speed requirements to fuel efficiency  and cruise altitude. It then covers weight sensitivity; aerodynamic  phenomena in supersonic flow; thin wings in two-dimensional flow; flat  wings in inviscid supersonic flow; aerodynamic drag in cruising flight,  and aerodynamic efficiency of SCV configurations. The book finishes with  a chapter that examines oblique wing aircraft.
Provides supersonic  aircraft designers with everything they need to know about developing  current and future high speed commercial jet planes Examines the many  challenges of high-speed flight Covers aerodynamic phenomena in  supersonic flow and aerodynamic drag in cruising flight Discusses the  advantages and disadvantages of oblique wing aircraft  
Essentials of  Supersonic Commercial Aircraft Conceptual Design is an ideal book for  researchers and practitioners in the aerospace industry, as well as for  graduate students in aerospace engineering.