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Establishing SRE Foundations: A Step-by-Step Guide to Introducing Site Reliability Engineering in Software Delivery Organizations

Vladyslav Ukis, 9780137424757, 2022937194, 9780137424603, 0137424604, 978-0137424757, 978-0137424603

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English | 2023 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Improve Your Service Scalability and Reliability with SRE
"The  techniques and principles of SRE are not only clearly defined here, but  also the rationale behind them is explained in a way that will stick.  This is not some dry definition, this is practical, usable  understanding. . . . I can whole-heartedly recommend this book without  any reservation. This is a very good book on an important topic that  helps to move the game forward for our discipline!"
--From the Foreword by David Farley, Founder and CEO of Continuous Delivery Ltd.
Pioneered  by Google to create more scalable and reliable large-scale systems,  Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) has become one of today's most  valuable software innovation opportunities. Establishing SRE Foundations  is a concise, practical guide that shows how to drive successful SRE  adoption in your own organization. Dr. Vladyslav Ukis presents a  step-by-step approach to establishing the right cultural,  organizational, and technical process foundations, quickly achieving a  "minimum viable SRE" and continually improving from there.
Dr. Ukis  draws extensively on his own experiences leading an SRE transformation  journey at a major healthcare company. Throughout, he answers specific  questions that organizations ask about SRE, identifies pitfalls, and  shows how to avoid or overcome them. Whatever your role in software  development, engineering, or operations, this guide will help you apply  SRE to improve what matters most: user and customer experience.

Understand how SRE works, its role in software operations, and the challenges of SRE transformation
Assess your organization's current operations and readiness for SRE transformation
    Achieve organizational buy-in and initiate foundational activities,  including SLO definitions, alerting, on-call rotations, incident  response, and error budget-based decision-making
Align organizational structures to support a full SRE transformation
Measure the progress and success of your SRE initiative
Sustain and advance your SRE transformation beyond the foundations