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Ethics For People Who Work In Tech

Marc Steen, 0367543303, 9780367543303, 0367542439, 9780367542436, 1003088775, 9781003088776, 978-0367543303, 978-0367542436, 978-1003088776

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English | 2023 | PDF

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This book is for people who work in the tech industry—computer and data  scientists, software developers and engineers, designers, and people in  business, marketing or management roles. It is also for people who are  involved in the procurement and deployment of advanced applications,  algorithms, and AI systems, and in policy making. Together, they create  the digital products, services, and systems that shape our societies and  daily lives. The book’s aim is to empower people to take  responsibility, to ‘upgrade’ their skills for ethical reflection,  inquiry, and deliberation. It introduces ethics in an accessible manner  with practical examples, outlines of different ethical traditions, and  practice-oriented methods