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Excursions in Multiplicative Number Theory

Olivier Ramaré, 3030731685, 978-3030731687, 9783030731687, B09TSN6827, 978-3-030-73168-7, 978-3-030-73169-4

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This textbook offers a unique exploration of analytic number theory that is focused on explicit and realistic numerical bounds. By giving precise proofs in simplified settings, the author strategically builds practical tools and insights for exploring the behavior of arithmetical functions. An active learning style is encouraged across nearly three hundred exercises, making this an indispensable resource for both students and instructors.

Designed to allow readers several different pathways to progress from basic notions to active areas of research, the book begins with a study of arithmetic functions and notions of arithmetical interest. From here, several guided “walks” invite readers to continue, offering explorations along three broad themes: the convolution method, the Levin–Faĭnleĭb theorem, and the Mellin transform. Having followed any one of the walks, readers will arrive at “higher ground”, where they will find opportunities for extensions and applications, such as the Selberg formula, Brun’s sieve, and the Large Sieve Inequality. Methodology is emphasized throughout, with frequent opportunities to explore numerically using computer algebra packages Pari/GP and Sage.

Excursions in Multiplicative Number Theory is ideal for graduate students and upper-level undergraduate students who are familiar with the fundamentals of analytic number theory. It will also appeal to researchers in mathematics and engineering interested in experimental techniques in this active area.