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Experimental Techniques in Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

S. B. Roy, 1108489982, 9781108489980, 978-1108489980

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book is written to introduce experimental magnetism in a  comprehensive manner to advanced undergraduate, postgraduate, and  doctoral students pursuing studies in physics, material sciences, and  engineering. It is an excellent resource providing an overview of the  various experimental techniques in magnetism and magnetic materials. The  text is partitioned into three parts. Part I deals with a brief history  of magnetism and magnetic materials along with their role in modern  society. A concise account of their current technological applications  is also provided. Part II focusses on the basic phenomena of magnetism.  Part III consists of chapters discussing a variety of experimental  practices needed to study the microscopic as well as macroscopic aspects  of different kinds of magnetic phenomena and materials.