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Family Lifestyle: Families and Health Behaviors

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Human behavior plays a central role in the maintenance of health  and the prevention of disease. Growing evidence suggests that effective  programs to change individual health behavior require a multifaceted  approach to helping people adopt, change, and maintain behavior. For  example, strategies for establishing healthy eating habits in children  and adolescents might be quite ineffective for changing maladaptive  eating behaviors—that is, when they are used to substitute one pattern  for another—in the same population

Health behaviors are  actions individuals take that affect their health. They include actions  that lead to improved health, such as eating well and being physically  active, and actions that increase one’s risk of disease, such as  smoking, excessive alcohol intake, and risky sexual behavior.

Family  influences on the development of emotion can be seen in parenting  practices, emotional family climate, and different emotional learning  experiences. Particularly, supportive parenting and parental involvement  play an important role in the development of emotional competence in  adolescents.

Family Health: “a state of positive interaction  between family members which enables each members of the family to enjoy  optimum physical, mental, social and spiritual well being.”

Models  of behavior change have been developed to guide strategies to promote  healthy behaviors and facilitate effective adaptation to and coping with  illness. Several models for individual behavior change are reviewed  here.

'Family Lifestyle'  is written for parents who want to increase their health behavior in  their marriage or relationship. For parents who believe and are  committed to change their own behaviour in order to see a change in  their life. For parents who want to be a better partner, to be a better  parent, but most of all to be the best person they want to be.

This book will give you insights and exercises to improve health behavior while being the best parent possible.

To  be a happier parent, to be a happier partner, to be in a happy 'Family'  but ultimately to be the happiest person you want to be.

Awareness is the first step to CHANGE.