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Fifty Key Thinkers in Psychology

Routledge Key Guides, 2nd Edition, Alexandra Forsythe, 1032134283, 1032134267, 978-1032134284, 9781032134284, 978-1032134260, 9781032134260, B0B2FG76JQ

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English | 2023 | PDF | 2 MB | 325 Pages

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The  new edition of Fifty Key Thinkers in Psychology introduces the life,  thought, work and impact of some of the most influential figures who  have shaped and developed modern psychology, considering a more diverse  history of the discipline. 

The revised text includes  new biographies, histories, and overviews of the work from scientists  and scholars such as Alfred Alder, Isabel Briggs Myers, Katherine Cook  Briggs and Karen Horney, as well as major re-writes of the works of  Freud, Binet and Jung, and some of the more controversial characters  such as Charles Galton and Hans Eysenck. Exploring the often overlooked  but significant contributions of black, Jewish, and Eastern scholars to  the discipline, this new edition looks to address the historically  imbalanced focus of particular key thinkers and begin unpicking the  impact that race and gender had on the direction and advancement of the  field. The book covers the black psychology movement from George Herman  Candy to Mamie Phipps Clark, and Kenneth Bancroft Clark, the enormous  contribution of Chinese psychologist Jing Qicheng, and some of the many  great psychologists whose families were part of the waves of Jewish  emigration to the United States escaping oppression, persecution and  economic hardship, including Walter Mischel, Cary Cooper and Daniel  Kahneman. 

This fascinating and informative guide is  an invaluable resource for those studying, working in, or who simply  want to find out more about psychology, suitable for both students and  the lay reader alike.


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