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Fluid and Electrolytes: 24 Hours or Less to Absolutely Crush the NCLEX Exam!

Nursing Review Questions and RN Content Guide, Registered Nurse, Practitioner, ... Exam Prep, Medical LPN Textbooks Book 3, Chase Hassen, 1519269773, 978-1519269775, 9781519269775, B00ZLFPDCY

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English | 2016 | Azw3, Converted PDF | 5 MB

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Struggling to interpret Fluid and Electrolyte Levels? Take action today to discover the SIMPLE and EASY way to learn...

Includes Tons of Free Bonuses! 

Don't feel discouraged, it is not uncommon for you to feel uneasy about this subject.

It's  probably one of the most common challenges for nursing students.  Luckily, I have crafted this incredible study tool for you.

In this book,

Fluid and Electrolytes: 24 Hours or Less to Absolutely CRUSH the NCLEX Exam!

You  will be given all the secrets YOU NEED TO KNOW in order to look at a  patients laboratory values and understanding them without difficulty.

Patients  with electrolyte imbalances tend to have serious problems that you  alone can figure out and interpret by using this book.

The Pain and Frustration Can End Right Now..

I  have been where you are now, trying to figure out what electrolyte  imbalance means and what to do about it. That's why I researched and  wrote this book so carefully so you can learn the issues firsthand and  help your patients with the latest in medical information on fluid and  electrolytes.

Every patient you treat has the potential for a  fluid and electrolyte imbalance and it is the job of every nurse to  recognize when this is happening and be informed of all the ways this  can affect the patient.

This study guide will bring you


lessons that you can master in


In 24 Hours or Less, You Will Understand:

  • The Basics of Fluid Balance
  • The Meaning of Hypo- and Hypernatremia
  • The Balance of Potassium in the Body
  • The Dangers of Electrolyte Imbalances
  • What it Means When Some of the Trace Electrolytes are out of Balance

All  of this will become clear to you soon and you can become a fluid and  electrolyte expert, understanding things that it takes months for others  to understand.