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Foundation Gatsby Projects: Create Four Real Production Websites with Gatsby

Nabendu Biswas | 1484265572, 978-1484265574, 9781484265574, B08PCSBV9M

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PDF 2021

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Enhance your Gatsby skillset by building a series of ready-to-use web sites. With the aid of four projects, this book teaches you how to use Gatsby alongside the latest technologies, including Contentful, Twillio, and Stackbit.

In the first project, you will create a simple agency site with a contact form and deploy it to Netlify. You'll then quickly be able to create other basic client sites. Next, you will learn to set up a blog site using Stackbit and Dev CMS.  Other projects include a large site built with Contentful and a video chat using Twilio.

Many Gatsby tutorials out there today only cover how to create blog sites – get ahead of the crowd using this book today.

What You'll Learn

•Use Contentful CMS with Gatsby

•Build sites quickly with Stackbit service

•Develop a video chat site similar to Skype with Twilio services 

•Deploy all sites in Netlify

•Add functionalities with the powerful Gatsby plugin ecosystem 

•Integrate advertisements

Who This Book Is For

Anyone who wants to create a site using Gatsby. A little knowledge of React is expected but is not a necessity. You will need to be familiar with JavaScript concepts and be confident with basic web development.