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Foundations of Space Dynamics

Ashish Tewari | 1119455340, 978-1119455349, 9781119455349, B08PJ9B1R1

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An introduction to orbital mechanics and spacecraft attitude dynamics

Foundations of Space Dynamics offers an authoritative text that combines a comprehensive review of both orbital mechanics and dynamics. The author―a noted expert in the field―covers up-to-date topics including: orbital perturbations, Lambert's transfer, formation flying, and gravity-gradient stabilization. The text provides an introduction to space dynamics in its entirety, including important analytical derivations and practical space flight examples.

Written in an accessible and concise style, Foundations of Space Dynamics highlights analytical development and rigor, rather than numerical solutions via ready-made computer codes. To enhance learning, the book is filled with helpful tables, figures, exercises, and solved examples.

This important book:

Covers space dynamics with a systematic and comprehensive approach

Is designed to be a practical text filled with real-world examples

Contains information on the most current applications

Includes up-to-date topics from orbital perturbations to gravity- gradient stabilization

Offers a deep understanding of space dynamics often lacking in other textbooks

Written for undergraduate and graduate students and professionals in aerospace engineering, Foundations of Space Dynamics offers an introduction to the most current information on orbital mechanics and dynamics.