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Functional Exercise For Seniors: Daily exercise routines for stability, balance, strength & mobility

James Atkinson

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English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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A regular functional fitness exercise routine can be life changing!  Better balance, a stronger body, more stamina and improved mobility.
If you

Want to maintain or increase mobility, strength, and balance
Are a total beginner or senior that wants an effective daily exercise routine
Would like low impact, workouts that will make everyday activities easier
Are looking for a range of exercises that you can easily do from home
Need full body workouts, specific muscle group development or flexibility training
This book has you covered!
Functional  fitness and exercise is not only an excellent way to keep active and  independent, but it is the foundation for any resistance progression. If  we can attain full range of movement and muscle function throughout our  body, the scope for exercise progression becomes wide.

Regardless  of age, functional fitness is a priority for everyone. Let’s develop a  strong, lean, functional body and ensure we all age as successfully as  possible!

You will discover
A range of exercises suitable for all levels
Several different training methods for home workouts
How to create your own exercise routine based on your current ability
A range of pre-made exercise routines of varying levels you can follow directly
Blank program cards for you to create your own routine and track your progress
“If  you are serious about training and want results of any kind, you should  have a plan. Whether this is bodyweight and calisthenics, bodybuilding  or running, you should always create a plan or routine before getting  started.”