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Game-Theoretical Models in Biology

Mark Broom, Jan Rychtář, 9780367456689, 9781032308708, 9781003024682, 978-0367456689, 978-1032308708, 978-1003024682

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Covering the major topics of evolutionary game theory, Game-Theoretical  Models in Biology, Second Edition presents both abstract and practical  mathematical models of real biological situations. It discusses the  static aspects of game theory in a mathematically rigorous way that is  appealing to mathematicians. In addition, the authors explore many  applications of game theory to biology, making the text useful to  biologists as well.

The book describes a wide range of topics in  evolutionary games, including matrix games, replicator dynamics, the  hawk-dove game, and the prisoner’s dilemma. It covers the evolutionarily  stable strategy, a key concept in biological games, and offers in-depth  details of the mathematical models. Most chapters illustrate how to use  Python to solve various games.

Important biological phenomena,  such as the sex ratio of so many species being close to a half, the  evolution of cooperative behaviour, and the existence of adornments (for  example, the peacock’s tail), have been explained using ideas  underpinned by game theoretical modelling. Suitable for readers studying  and working at the interface of mathematics and the life sciences, this  book shows how evolutionary game theory is used in the modelling of  these diverse biological phenomena.

In this thoroughly revised  new edition, the authors have added three new chapters on the evolution  of structured populations, biological signalling games, and a topical  new chapter on evolutionary models of cancer. There are also new  sections on games with time constraints that convert simple games to  potentially complex nonlinear ones; new models on extortion strategies  for the Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma and on social dilemmas; and on  evolutionary models of vaccination, a timely section given the current  Covid pandemic.


Presents a wide range of biological applications of game theory.
Suitable  for researchers and professionals in mathematical biology and the life  sciences, and as a text for postgraduate courses in mathematical  biology.
Provides numerous examples, exercises, and Python code.