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Geometrical Formulation of Renormalization-Group Method as an Asymptotic Analysis: With Applications to Derivation of Causal Fluid Dynamics

Teiji Kunihiro, Yuta Kikuchi, Kyosuke Tsumura, 9811681880, 978-9811681882, 9789811681882, B09X4JQ716

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English | 2022 | PDF | 8 MB | 493 Pages

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This book presents a comprehensive account of the  renormalization-group (RG) method and its extension, the doublet scheme, in a geometrical point of view.

It extract long timescale macroscopic/mesoscopic dynamics from microscopic equations in an intuitively understandable way rather than in a mathematically rigorous manner and introduces readers to a mathematically elementary, but useful and widely applicable technique for analyzing asymptotic solutions in mathematical models of nature.

The book begins with the basic notion of the RG theory, including its connection with the separation of scales. Then it formulates the RG method as a construction method of envelopes of the naive perturbative solutions containing secular terms, and then demonstrates the formulation in various types of evolution equations. Lastly, it describes successful physical examples, such as stochastic and transport phenomena including second-order relativistic as well as nonrelativistic fluid dynamics with causality and  transport phenomena in cold atoms, with extensive numerical expositions of transport coefficients and relaxation times.

Requiring only an undergraduate-level understanding of physics and mathematics, the book clearly describes the notions and mathematical techniques with a wealth of examples. It is a unique and can be enlightening resource for readers who feel mystified by renormalization theory in quantum field theory.