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Global Health Care: Issues and Policies

Carol Holtz, 9781284175691, 1284175693, 9781284227673, 1284227677, 9781284191226, 978-1284175691, 978-1284227673, 978-1284191226

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English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Global Health Care: Issues and Policies, Fourth Edition is a  comprehensive resource for nursing students focused on critical and  timely global health topics. Written by academic authors, scientists and  health practitioners, the Fourth Edition provides students with a  foundational knowledge of health policy issues from various geographical  regions. The goal of this text is to impart a well-rounded perspective  to how certain areas around the globe are oftentimes significantly  impacted by world events.
Coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on global health
Zika virus and the World Health Organization’s fight against Ebola in the Congo
New coverage of global infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases
New chapter on Native American health issues
New content on global neurological health issues with specific coverage of pain management
Overview of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals
Expanded content on child maltreatment and abuse
Updated content on Occupational health
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Vulnerable Populations
International Affairs
Public Health
Transcultural Nursing
Cultural Competency
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