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Grasshoppers of Britain and Western Europe: A Photographic Guide

Éric Sardet, Christian Roesti, Yoan Braud, 1472954866, 9781472954862, 978-1472954862

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English | 2021 | PDF

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The definitive photographic guide to Britain and Western Europe's orthopterans, complete with a CD of sounds.  This beautifully presented field guide, containing more than 1200 illustrations, covers the 261 grasshoppers (and their allies) of Britain and Western Europe. All of the main species and sub-species are included, and they are accompanied by photographs of both male and female, distribution maps, statuses, habitat descriptions, advice on when to find them, and tips to avoid confusion during the process of identification.  Comprehensive general chapters also cover morphology, ecology and habitat, and assist with research in the field. Set out in a clear and accessible format, the layout allows for easy identification