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Ground Station Design and Analysis for LEO Satellites: Analytical, Experimental and Simulation Approach

Shkelzen Cakaj, B0BK2VVTGH, 1119899257, 9781119899259, 9781119899266, 9781119899273, 978-1119899259, 978-1119899266, 978-1119899273

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Tutorial  for analytical and scientific approaches related to LEO satellites  ground station performance, including math, experiments, and  simulations.

Ground Station Design and Analysis for  LEO satellites provides complete instructions and steps for ground  station performance evaluation, including stations dedicated for  scientific or communication purposes, and offers the reader an enhanced  learning experience by proposing 40 ideas related to ground station  performance assessment. Each idea goes over the math analysis,  experiment or simulation, the methodology applied, the results, and a  conclusion. This approach provides the reader with the opportunity to  compare theoretical results with on-site results, guiding the reader  towards intelligent and practical performance evaluation and  enhancement.

The text also considers the future  emerging developments of LEO satellites and their challenges and  applications, including multimedia and other scientific applications.

Stemming from the highly qualified author’s research work of roughly 20 years, Ground Station Design and Analysis for LEO Satellites includes information on:

  • Interference  aspects, covering intermodulation interference modeling for LEO  satellite ground stations and downlink adjacent interference for LEO  search and rescue satellites
  • Sun synchronization, covering nodal regression and Sun synchronization of low Earth orbits through inclination angle.
  • Horizon  plane and communication duration, covering communications duration with  LEO satellites under ideal, practical and designed horizon plane for  LEO satellite ground stations
  • Figure  of merit and system noise temperature, covering composite and antenna  noise temperature, Sun noise experiment and desensibilization  measurements at LEO satellite ground stations

Ground  Station Design and Analysis for LEO Satellites is an innovative and  advanced tutorial-based resource that will appeal to satellite engineers  (operators/vendors) working on the operation, maintenance, and  performance evaluation of ground stations, as well as postgraduate  students/early-stage researchers wishing to obtain knowledge on this  state-of-the-art technology.