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Handbook of Adhesion Promoters, 2nd Edition

George Wypych, 978-1-77467-018-7, 978-1-77467-019-4, 9781774670194, B0BV714WPB, 1774670186, 978-1774670187, 9781774670187

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English | 2023 | PDF

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Handbook of Adhesion Promoters, Second Edition outlines known mechanisms, principles of use, and the applications of different groups of adhesion promoters, along with a discussion of the mechanisms that cause adhesion loss, such as corrosion, delamination, detachment, liquid penetration and peeling. Surface condition and treatment are also discussed, including different methods (cleaning, mechanical, plasma, microwave, flame, corona discharge, laser, UV, and chemical modification) for practical applications. Formulation of typical primers used in the application of adhesives, sealants, coatings, coil coatings, cosmetics, metal, optical devices, polymers and plastics are covered, with over 50 primer formulations provided.

In addition, a full chapter is dedicated to the subject of polymer modification for improved adhesion, a method frequently used instead of the addition of adhesion promoters. The book's final chapters contain information on available evaluation and selection of adhesion promoters that work with different polymers (29), products (28), and those that help to prevent corrosion.