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Handbook of Superconductivity Processing and Cryogenics, Volume III

David A. Cardwell, David C. Larbalestier, Aleksander Braginski, 1439817367, 9781439817360, 978-1439817360

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English | 2023 | PDF

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This is the last of three volumes of the extensively revised and updated  second edition of the Handbook of Superconductivity. The past twenty  years have seen rapid progress in superconducting materials, which  exhibit one of the most remarkable physical states of matter ever to be  discovered. Superconductivity brings quantum mechanics to the scale of  the everyday world. Viable applications of superconductors rely  fundamentally on an understanding of these intriguing phenomena and the  availability of a range of materials with bespoke properties to meet  practical needs.

While the first volume covers fundamentals and  various classes of materials, the second addresses processing of these  into various shapes and configurations needed for applications, and ends  with chapters on refrigeration methods necessary to attain the  superconducting state and the desired performance. The present third  volume starts with wide range of methods permitting one to characterize  both the materials and various end products of processing. Subsequently,  diverse classes of both large scale and electronic applications are  described. Volume 3 ends with a glossary relevant to all three volumes.