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Handbook of Technology Application in Tourism in Asia

Azizul Hassan, 9789811622090, 9789811622106, 978-9811622090, 978-9811622106

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English | 2022 | PDF

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It is an undisputed reality that the tourism industry in Asia is getting  exposed to more innovative technologies than ever before. This proposed  book provides the latest research in the application of innovative  technology to the tourism industry, covering the perspectives,  innovativeness, theories, issues, complexities, opportunities and  challenges. This book, a blend of comprehensive and extensive effort by  the contributors and editors, is designed to cover the application and  practice of technology in tourism, including the relevant niches. This  book focuses on the importance of technology in tourism. This also  highlights, in a comprehensive manner, specific technologies that are  impacting the tourism industry in Asia, as well as the constraints the  industry is facing. The contents of this book deal with distinct topics,  such as mobile computing, new product designs, innovative technology  usages in tourism promotion, technology-driven sustainable tourism  development, location-based apps, mobility, accessibility and so on.

A  good number of research studies have conducted outlining the  contributions and importance of technologies in tourism, in general.  However, the tourism industry of Asia so far has attracted very few  researchers. Some contributions have been made but not sufficient.  Considering the ongoing trend of technology application in the tourism  industry in Asia, very few research attempts have been made aiming to  explore diverse aspects. Tourism is expanding enormously across the  world. which actually creates more demands for effective technologies.  This book will be a reading companion, especially for tourism students  in higher academic institutions. This book will also be read by the  relevant policy planners and industry professionals. Apart from them,  this book will be appreciated by expatriate researchers and researchers  having keen interest in the Asian tourism industry.