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Hazardous Waste Management: Advances in Chemical and Industrial Waste Treatment and Technologies

Zarook Shareefdeen, 9783030952617, 9783030952624, 978-3030952617, 978-3030952624

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book provides readers with the most current knowledge on hazardous  waste management practices. It addresses the rapidly changing advances  in waste stream characterization and the discovery of new chemicals –  which have led to new hazardous wastes, technological innovation,  stringent environmental regulations, changes in transport and dispersion  modelling of hazardous pollutants, and new waste management techniques.  Hazardous Waste Management: Advances in Chemical and Industrial Waste  Treatment and Technologies is an invaluable reference for waste  management and treatment professionals, chemical engineers and  technicians, medical professionals, and environmental regulators, as  well as students taking courses on hazardous waste management,  environmental engineering, and environmental science.