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Healthcare in the United States: Navigating the Basics of a Complex System

Deanna L Howe, Andrea L Dozier, Sheree O Dickenson, 1940771919, 978-1940771915, 9781940771915

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English | 2022 | PDF | 21 MB | 297 Pages

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This book is a collaborative effort among three faculty members  from the Darton College of Health Professions, Nursing Department, at  Albany State University, a Historically Black College and University  (HBCU), and part of the University System of Georgia. The book idea  originated from a grant-funded program to create open education  resources (OER) for students learning in University System of Georgia's  eMajor courses. A free pdf form of this text is available for download.  The authors of this book are registered nurses who have each worked 25  or more years in various roles and specialties within our healthcare  system. There have been many changes throughout the years. The authors'  experience and knowledge are from a nursing perspective not found in  other texts of similar content. The healthcare system has advanced  tremendously since the very beginning of our formalized system. The most  significant growth has been in technology use to support, diagnose,  increase patient safety, and document patient outcomes. However, more  can be done to ensure a system that meets all our citizens' healthcare  needs. Readers of this text will learn a brief history of our healthcare  system and explore the current state of health in the U.S. In the next  12 chapters, readers will: 

- consider health as defined using determinants of health

- discover the many types of healthcare providers seen throughout the system 

- differentiate between the different types of healthcare settings 

- explore state and federal programs that provide oversight 

- examine private insurance and managed care plans 

- survey access issues and the cost of healthcare 

- review how state and federal government provides support to special populations 

- discover the quick expansion of technology use in healthcare 

- assess quality determinants and accreditation standards

- compare national healthcare systems presently used to the present U.S. healthcare system

- identify advantages of a national healthcare system for the United States

This  book will describe and explain our current healthcare system's  complexities by providing the basics of many components in easy to  understand terminology. Each chapter includes essential features to  assist the student in learning and understanding 

- Learning outcomes, noting what the student can expect to learn by the end of each chapter. 

- Key terms for each chapter content, explained and defined within the chapter and in a glossary.

- Tables, figures, pictures, and weblinks to enhance learning.

- Pause and Reflect scenarios with questions to stimulate thought about the topic.

- First person perspectives which bring richness and depth to the topic. 

- Review questions to challenge the reader's comprehension.

- The current state of the U.S. healthcare system in the year 2020, including the impact of COVID-19.